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11 September 2009 @ 09:04 am
To Cast Turpentine Kisses (aka that teacher/student not!fic)  
Title: To Cast Turpentine Kisses

Authors: ciel_vert and theopteryx

Artist: theopteryx

Pairing: Gerard/Frank

Disclaimer: Fake fake fake fake.

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: ~23,000

Warnings: STRONG (consensual) dom/sub - no really we're not kidding, underage sexual activity, misuse of school property, bondage, spanking, crossdressing, etc (basically there's lots of dirty sex)

Summary/Notes: High school teacher/student AU not!fic. Vaguely INOK-ish, but Frank is a student and Gerard is his teacher. Pretty much this started as an email back and forth about all the dirty shit that teacher!Gerard should do to student!Frank and we assembled it into an order that makes sense. But it's not a real story, do not be fooled! It just looks like one. Capslock and emoticons and "and then THIS should happen"s galore. Also: it's ridiculous. Title is a mish-mash of lyrics from “Cupid de Locke” by Smashing Pumpkins.

Part Two
Part Three
Artwork (no nudity, but a pretty uh, comfortable situation. PG-13?)

It's Gerard’s first year teaching art at Queen of Peace, and Frank's a senior. Gerard is new to QoP, but not teaching (he got his MFA and taught at an NYC public school for three years to get his loans forgiven, so he’s 28, and Frank is 17, turning 18 this Halloween). Right now it’s a week before school starts in the fall. Frank got in trouble with his parents for missing curfew basically all summer, so part of his punishment is to spend the last week of summer stuck inside his stuffy hot high school, helping the teachers set up their classrooms. At least they didn't make him sign up for chapel duty; that would have been way worse. He goes to the main office and Father Ricci tells him he'll be helping the new art teacher, Mr. Way. Frank shrugs and heads off to the back building where the art room is. When he gets there, he sees someone in sinfully tight jeans that have slipped low enough down his hips to show off pretty much all of his dark grey briefs (clearly the belt is just for decoration), bent over with his upper half basically stuffed inside a kiln. Frank stops in the doorway and just stares, because wow that is a nice ass. Even better, the ass starts bopping up and down to the tune of some song that's being hummed (Frank thinks it might be "Astro Zombies"), while its owner presumably cleans out the kiln.

All good things must come to an end, and eventually Mr. Way (Frank's assuming it's Mr. Way anyhow) unstuffs himself from the kiln and stands up. He turns around and startles, clearly not expecting anyone to be standing there. "Jesus Christ!" he exclaims, clutching his chest. Then his face, which really, is strangely cute with a little upturned nose and big hazel eyes, goes a bit pink and he says, "Oh shit, sorry!" and even pinker as he says even louder, "Sorry again!" Frank just smirks at him and says, "Don't worry about it. It'll be our little secret." Kiln-dude, probably Mr. Way, smiles at him and wow, okay, Frank is heading straight back to the office after this to sign up for every art class he can because he is going to need to see that smile at least twice a day for the rest of the year. Kiln-dude walks forward and puts out his hand for Frank to shake and says, "I'm Mr. Way, the new art teacher." Frank shakes his hand and says, "Yeah, I figured. I'm Frank. I'm supposed to help you get set up."


Like, okay, Frank realizes that he's got a bit of a crush on Mr. Way right off the bat, and then Mr. Way and him start talking about comic books and horror movies and stuff and Frank is like fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, and then Mr. Way reaches up to move some things off of a high shelf and his shirt rides up and Frank can see a strip of skin of his stomach and he pretty much has to jack himself off like several times a night because he's so turned on by this guy.

And he gets a little crazy about him! Just, like, wow, he wants him so bad, and he starts having all of these fantasies about him, about staying later and them making out and then all of these things he's seen in awesome porn movies. And he figures it's just him, right, being a horny little teenager, and it totally doesn't help that Mr. Way's so nice to him in class and actually compliments his work and encourages him and stuff.

Frank's just fixated on Mr. Way because well... who wouldn't be, dude is HOT. He's usually dressed nicely for class too, in dark dress slacks, button up shirt with a waistcoat and tie. But most of the time he's still wearing a pair of Converse sneakers, and his hair is always a mess. Frank can't get enough of the hot teacher look Mr. Way has going on, but he also loves it when it's a day that they're doing something messy, like painting or pottery, and Mr. Way has this ripped, threadbare pair of jeans he changes into that barely stay on his hips, and he's usually wearing some kind of tight t-shirt that Frank sees kids at local shows trying to pull off, but they don't do it nearly as well, no one has ever looked so hot in a Planet of the Apes shirt. And he's smart and funny and into all the same movies and music that Frank's into and this one time when they were just hanging out after school, Frank said something that made Mr. Way bust out this great honking duck laugh and Frank just had to stare at him when he laughed like that okay, it did really wonderful things to his face.

Gerard doesn't live far from the school so he walks everyday. Frank normally drives, but his car was in the shop so he has to walk to the city bus stop, which isn't far. He ends up catching up to Mr. Way a few blocks from the school and Mr. Way is smoking. When he sees Frank he tries to like, hide the cigarette behind his back, but Frank just rolls his eyes at him and takes out his own pack and lights one up. Mr. Way's eyebrows go up at that, but Frank just takes a long drag and blows his smoke in Mr. Way's face. Mr. Way smiles and takes another drag of his own cigarette while saying out of the corner of his mouth, "I should probably be lecturing you on the dangers of smoking, but I've never been one for such blatant hypocrisy."

Frank laughs at that and can't help staring at the way Mr. Way's lips close around the cigarette. He swallows thickly and says, "Yeah, well, we're off campus Mr. Way, so there's no need."

Mr. Way just kind of smiles and says, "Well, since we're "off campus" (and he even does the finger quotes, Frank is totally in love with a dork), you can call me Gerard." Frank already knew that was Mr. Way's first name, but he's never heard him say it before, and it sounds as awesome and exotic as he always thought it would. "Okay... Gerard." They smile at each other, and talk about horror movies and stuff while they walk, and eventually they get to the bus stop and Mr. Way.. er Gerard, says goodbye to Frank and keeps walking. Frank totally stares at his ass the whole time he's walking away, and then Gerard is gone and the bus is there.

But then one day he looks up in class (he's gnawing on the edge of a pencil in thought) and Mr. Way is just staring at him. Staring at his mouth. Mr. Way seems to realize that he's staring, though, and gets really flustered and goes to help someone else with their painting. And Frank is like...huh.

He starts paying more attention, now (not that he didn't before, but now he's looking for specifics) and yeah, okay, Mr. Way apparently really likes staring at him when he thinks Frank isn't looking. And Frank can't help it, okay, he just can't take it anymore. So he starts doing really subtle things to get Mr. Way to look at him more. Like slouching more in his chair, splaying his legs, playing with pens in his mouth. And Mr. Way's totally looking! He knows he is. And Frank just can't help it, he just wants Mr. Way's attention so bad, wants Mr. Way to want him, wants Mr. Way to touch him, so he keeps doing those things and watching Mr. Way watching him.

And of course ever since school started Gerard's been sort of fascinated with Frank, right, because the kid is fucking gorgeous and sharp and smart, even if he's a bit of a wise-ass. And then Frank catches him staring one day and Gerard is like oh, fuck, and then he knows Frank's fucking with him but he can't help it. He can't look away. He has to spend an entire class period avoiding him one day just BECAUSE, because he knows if he gets close to him he won't be able to stop himself from touching.

One day, Frank decides to take it a little step further. He has gym class before art (which is his last class of the day) and this day he runs really hard (which everyone thinks is crazy, because he never ever tries in gym) until he's practically dripping with sweat, and he dawdles in the locker room afterwards until the bell rings and he's late for art class, and then runs up to Gerard's room, still in his gym clothes and sweat-drenched, and tells Mr. Way that gym ran late but he's there, so don't mark him absent, he just has to go shower, would that be okay? And Mr. Way sort of blinks at him and his sweaty hair and face and Frank just stares straight back at him, right, until Mr. Way stammers out that that would be okay.

And then Frank skips back down to the locker room and jerks himself off in the school shower which is sort of awesome because he could get caught at any second and no one else is in there and oh man, Mr. Way, Mr. Waywayway…

And Gerard really doesn't want to get into this with Frank because not only would he get arrested or fired or both, but Frank REALLY doesn't know what he's getting himself into by pushing Gerard, and it's making him more annoyed after a while. Frank thinks he wants it, but does he really? Frank thinks he's the one in control, here, but if they would do this then Gerard would be the one in control, at least in the bedroom. The way Frank arches back in his chair makes Gerard think about having Frank laid out for him like that, but he knows it'd be too much, he's too young. But god, wouldn't it be something to make Frank be down for him? He lets himself think about it at night, when he's alone in his bed with his hand on his dick, but no other times. He's got rules, and not fucking one of his students is definitely at the top of his list.


A few days after the gym class day, it's really nice in the morning, but it starts storming unexpectedly in the afternoon and Gerard has to walk all that way home, and Frank convinces Mr. Way to let him give Mr. Way a ride home (he sees him trying to run through the parking lot with his bag over his head, like that'll help seriously. Frank's soaked just from running from the building to his car). He pulls up along side him with the window down all, "Get in!" Gerard looks at him skeptically, and then Frank says "Come on, it's freezing!" Gerard relents and gets in the car. And then when they get to Gerard's tiny little house, Frank pulls into the driveway and turns off the engine and turns in his seat to look at Mr. Way. They're both still wet and the windows in the car are fogging up from their breath, and Mr. Way just looks so beautiful Frank just has to lean over and touch, tuck his hair behind his ear. Mr. Way looks up, startled, but he doesn't pull away, doesn't get out of the car. And then Frank basically launches himself into Mr. Way's lap and kisses him.

They kiss for just a moment, but then Gerard pushes Frank back pretty forcefully and gets out of the car. But Frank knows where he lives, now, and he stores the information away for later use. He even sits in the rain in the car on the driveway and palms himself through his pants until he comes and he swears he can see the front blinds of Gerard's house twitch a bit with motion, either someone glancing out or moving away.


The next day at school Frank just can't take it anymore, okay. He knows Mr. Way wants him. He knows. Aside from what happened in the car yesterday, there's been all of these little moments, and the other day Mr. Way was helping him with a project and he leaned over him and had one hand on Frank's hand to show him how to move the pencil and the other on his back, and Frank could FEEL the way he barely pressed in with the tips of his fingers, how he stayed like that a little longer than any other teacher would have. It's all just driving Frank crazy. He can't stand it. He can't even really get off properly anymore. I mean, it's still good, but he doesn't feel satisfied anymore afterwards and it's not helping him sleep.

So they go into class and it's apparently going to be an art lecture day, as Gerard is still in his usual waistcoat and tie combo, and the desks are all moved around so it looks more like a traditional classroom, and Frank grabs a seat right in the middle of the back row while most everyone sits near the front. He shifts the desk a little, though, so instead of being in the row he's more into the aisle, so he's still in eye line of Gerard at the front of the room. And Gerard starts talking about something or other, some post-modern art movement, and Frank just watches his mouth and idly starts running his fingers over his dick through the fabric of his pants. He thinks about that mouth wrapped around his dick and Gerard on his knees with his fingers digging into his thighs, maybe with Frank in this very same desk, and he's not even listening at all and before he knows it he's almost half-hard in the back of the classroom.

And then Gerard's voice stumbles and Frank snaps back to it and looks up and Gerard's staring at him, face flushed, and then keeps talking. Frank can't stop now, though. He's got him. He knows it. And so he slouches deeper into the chair and opens his legs a little wider and starts rubbing more noticeably, not taking his eyes off of Gerard the entire time, except for a few times when he catches Gerard's eyes and then closes his own eyes and arches his neck back a little. God, when did this become his life? He can't help it, though, he feels like he's on this track and he knows it's wrong but he doesn't even care anymore.

He’s lucky art is his last class of the day because he's not gonna be able to get up and leave without the world seeing his boner, or until he gets off, and if it's going to be the latter, he'd really like to try and convince Mr. Way to be a part of it. What actually happens is that Gerard shoves as much as he can off his desk into his messenger bag, grabs his leather jacket off the back of his chair and high tails it out of the room as fast as he can when the bell rings. Frank's disappointed, of course, but in his mind, Mr. Way had to rush off like that because he was so turned on by what Frank was doing he needed to get somewhere and take care of it. Frank waits long enough that he's pretty sure no one should be in the hall, then he books it across and into the boys' bathroom. He's rounding the little partition just inside the door and smacks into someone. He looks up and it's Mr. Way, and his face is kind of flushed and his temples are a little sweaty, and Frank just knows... just KNOWS that he was right. He knows Gerard was just in here, getting off. Because of Frank.

He pushes his hands against Mr. Way's chest and walks him further back into the bathroom. He presses Mr. Way against the wall, trapping him with his body. He knows Gerard can feel his dick, hard against Gerard's thigh. Frank looks up at him and bites his lower lip, and he can see Gerard swallow as he darts his eyes nervously from Frank's face to the door and then back to Frank's face. "Frank," he says, sounding scared, "Frank, we... I... can't." Frank really looks at his face and Mr. Way doesn't just sound scared, he looks scared too, but also turned on. Frank wants this, but he knows he needs to be smart about it and not push too hard, or it'll never happen.

"Okay, you don't have to do anything. Just watch." Frank sees Mr. Way's eyes go wide at that, and he steps back into the open stall, but doesn't shut the door. He drops his bag on the floor and rubs a hand over his dick, palming it through the fabric of his slacks. Mr. Way's eyes go impossibly wider, but he doesn't move. Frank takes that as a good sign. He slowly undoes his belt, then the button and zip of his school pants. Mr. Way licks his lips. Frank reaches in his underwear and pulls out his dick, still mostly hard from earlier in the classroom. He begins to stroke himself, slowly, watching Gerard watching him. Gerard licks his lips and swallows again, darting another nervous glance at the door, but his eyes quickly return to Frank. Frank knows that they could totally get caught right now. Anyone could walk in and see him, see Mr. Way watching him. It turns him on even more and he starts to speed up his strokes, thrusting a little into his hand. Mr. Way has stopped glancing over at the door now, his attention totally focused on what Frank is doing. He keeps clenching his hands into fists, like he needs to keep physically reminding himself to not reach forward across the two feet of space between them and touch. Frank's getting close, and he focuses on how Mr. Way's eyes are kind of glazed over, and the way he's pulled his bottom lip in with his teeth. Frank's hips stutter and he gasps out, "Mr. Way" as he comes. He closed his eyes when he was coming, and when he opens them again, Mr. Way is still there, looking right at him. Frank pants a little and smiles at him, dazed. It's the best orgasm he's had in weeks.

Suddenly it's like Mr. Way remembers where they are, who he is, who Frank is, and he darts out of the bathroom. Frank sighs and puts himself back together, goes over to the sink and washes his hands. He looks for Mr. Way in his classroom before he leaves, but he knows he's not going to be in there, and he's not. Frank sighs and walks out to the parking lot, gets in his car and goes home.


After that, Gerard's pretty much on the edge. If the whole bathroom incident wasn't enough, Frank's getting more and more obvious during class. Every art class with him is becoming a sort of torture. Gerard pretty much just has to ignore him completely, not even look at him, in order to get through the day without having to excuse himself to palm one off in the bathroom (although he knows that wouldn't matter, Frank would find an excuse to follow him in there). One week after the bathroom incident, it takes almost the entire class period for him to work up the nerve to look back at Frank and when he does Frank is staring at him, and he just starts sucking his fingers into his own mouth, and Gerard is just like fine. fine. FINE. After the class is over he's usually the first one out of the door and on the way home but this afternoon he waits until everyone's gone and it's just Frank sprawled out in his desk in the back.

Frank doesn't move from his spot. Gerard slowly walks over to the classroom door, shuts it, locks it, pulls the tiny shade in the window down, and then goes back to sit in his chair behind his desk. He leans back in his chair, sprawling a little, and puts his finger to his mouth, like he's appraising Frank.

And Frank is so excited he can't STAND it because this is really going to happen, they are totally going to do this in the art classroom, he can't believe he fucking finally got Mr. Way to break for him, God, he's practically high right now from the rush. He stands up and he's pretty sure his half-hard dick is obvious in his school pants but who even cares, and slowly saunters towards Mr. Way. He's still sitting in the same position as he was before and he watches Frank with glassy eyes, his hand still under his chin with his finger against his lips. He doesn't even move when Frank sits on the edge of the desk.

Frank's a little weirded out, although he's trying not to show it. When he broke Gerard he figured it'd be fast and hot and sweaty but Gerard looks calmer than he's ever looked before. Frank moves, then, to straddle Mr. Way in the chair, fits his knees between his sides and the chair. Gerard still doesn't move. Frank leans in to kiss him but Gerard twists and dumps Frank on the floor. Frank's shocked, because what the fuck!? He looks up at Gerard like UHMMM? but Gerard's already straddling him on the floor and when Frank tries to say something Gerard clamps his hand over Frank's mouth. His hands smell like paint.

His thighs are holding Frank still on the floor but Frank bucks again and grabs at his shirt and Gerard leans back, squeezing harder with his thighs and using his free hand to yank at Frank's tie until he's got it loose. He moves his hand away from Frank's mouth for just a second, just in the time it takes for Gerard to use to tie to loop Frank’s wrists together and pull them tight. Frank protests but Gerard slaps his hand over his mouth again and yanks at his bound hands. Frank freezes.

Gerard leans in and just whispers right in his ear. "You don't know what you want."

Frank makes a protesting noise but Gerard pulls at his hands again and bucks against his hips. "No, you don't. You don't know what you're asking, and you don't want to know the answer."

Frank just widens his eyes. Jesus. Where did this Mr. Way come from? He's still Gerard but he's pin-bright and so, so sharp.

"So I want you to stop, Frank. I want you to stop and think about this and get some perspective and realize that this isn't right for you, and that I want you to stop." He pulls back, then, away from Frank's ear, and sits up (although he's still got one hand on Frank's mouth and Frank's bound hands).

"Do you understand?" Gerard asks.

Frank tries to speak again but Gerard presses his hand harder against Frank's mouth. "No. Don't speak. Do you understand."

Frank nods.

"Good. Don't do that again."

Gerard's gone, then, up and off of Frank in a flash and out of the room with his messenger bag before Frank can even get his thoughts together. He's still on the floor, rumpled and with his wrists bound and his breath panting and he is so, so, so hard.


Frank turns over the whole incident in his head all night, he can't even sleep. Like, god, Gerard above him like that. Gerard said Frank didn't know what he wanted, but maybe that was it, maybe he just showed it to him and instead of turning him away it's just turning him on. He didn't even consider it, didn't even KNOW that he wanted to be dominated like that. Like, he just thought Mr. Way was hot and they would have some quick and sweaty sex in the art classroom maybe semi-frequently... but yeah, he can't sleep without thinking about how it felt to be pinned down by Gerard, his hands bound, Gerard's hand clamped over his mouth, unable.. no, NOT ALLOWED.. GUH.. to speak. When he jerks off that night he does it with one of his school ties tied around his mouth like a gag and his other arm twisted behind his back, lying on it. It's something, but it's not quite enough. He wants moooooooore. God, what is he going to do? He can't stop, though. He can't. Maybe he just...has to approach this differently than he thought.

For the next week, Frank stops acting up in Gerard's class but doesn't stop staring at him. Gerard thinks Frank's decided to back off, rethink his ideas about their relationship, or lack thereof, and Gerard almost lets himself relax a little. In the meantime while he's finally quiet in Gerard's class, and Gerard is equal parts relieved and disappointed, Frank is like, researching. He gets online and reads all about dom/sub relationships and sex and everything. He does this, and he plots.

That weekend Gerard's at his little house, painting and watching a movie and waiting for his take-out when the doorbell rings. He pads to the door in his raggy jeans and undershirt and is preparing to pay the delivery guy when he opens the door and it's Frank. Just standing there. Dressed in his school uniform even though it's late on a Friday night.

"Frank-" He starts to say, his eyes hardening, this is getting ridiculous, but Frank just drops to his knees on the front step, stays silent, and looks up at him. Gerard's breath catches. Jesus, if anyone sees -

He opens the door and pulls Frank up and in, slamming the door shut behind him. Gerard stands in front of Frank with his hands on his hips in the small hallway. Frank is still on his knees, but he's kind of slumped against the wall from when Gerard hauled him inside. Gerard is just looking down at Frank, like he wants to kick him out on his ass, but also like he wants to eat Frank alive. Frank just looks back up at him and waits. Gerard is quiet for a long time, and then he crosses him arms and sighs, saying "Frank--" but Frank knows where he's going with that "Frank" and before Gerard can get any further, Frank's shuffling forward on his knees and reaching for Gerard's belt. Gerard lets Frank get as far as opening the buckle before he grabs Frank's shoulders and shoves him back. Frank braces himself to be kicked out, but instead, Gerard starts to calmly undo the button of his jeans and pull the zipper down.

He moves toward Frank and cups his face gently, running his thumbs across Frank's cheekbones, one straying to rub over Frank's bottom lip. Gerard looks at Frank seriously, and says, "Frank" again, but this time it's different. Frank says, "Yes," and then shuffles forward on his knees, wanting to be closer and croaks out a broken, "please" as he runs his hands up Gerard's thighs. Gerard takes Frank's hands and removes them from his legs, but he doesn't push Frank back. Gerard pushes his jeans down his hips and they slide down his legs and land in a tangle around his ankles. Gerard then pushes his briefs down his hips, his half hard cock bobbing out in front of Frank's face. Frank leans forward to get at it, but Gerard puts a hand back on Frank's head, tangles it in his hair and holds him back. With his own right hand, Gerard strokes his cock, bringing it to full hardness. Frank can do nothing but stare at it, Gerard's cock is bigger than his and flushed red and it's so so beautiful. Frank inhales deeply, taking in Gerard's scent, his mouth watering. He licks his lips and Gerard makes a tiny noise, just a little sigh, and Frank looks up to see Gerard staring down at him.

Gerard steps closer and Frank opens his mouth, expecting to get his first taste of Gerard's cock, but Gerard takes his cock and rubs it over Frank's cheek. Then he pushes it up and rubs it over Frank's forehead, dragging a trail of pre-come across Frank's skin and leaving it to dry, sticky. Gerard rubs his cock across Frank's other cheek and then down the bridge of his nose before going lower, rubbing it over Frank's lips and chin. Frank darts out his tongue then, just wanting to taste, and Gerard smacks him on the lips with his dick, not too hard but not gentle either, then backs away slightly, saying in a hard voice, "Not without permission."

Frank is slightly startled by the rebuke, but remembers that this is what he asked for, this is what he wants, so he nods to let Gerard know he understands. Gerard says, "Good," and then, "now open your mouth". Frank does as he's told and opens his mouth wide. Gerard slowly pushes the tip of his cock inside Frank's mouth, letting Frank adjust to the feel of it. Gerard has both of his hands in Frank's hair and he helps Frank move his mouth on Gerard's cock, taking his time but also controlling the pace.

Gerard is starting to move Frank faster and tug on his hair harder, and Frank is making these delicious whimpering sounds around Gerard's cock, when the doorbell rings. Gerard halts for half a second, then seems to change his mind, calling out a hasty, "Just a minute!" before really starting to fuck Frank's mouth. Frank moans around Gerard's cock, using his tongue to press up against the underside of Gerard's dick, and then flick it over the head on each thrust out. Gerard makes a small, strangled sounding moan then pulls out completely, roughly fisting his cock and coming all over Frank's face. Frank closes his eyes and feels the warm, wetness drip onto his cheeks, nose and some in his mouth and on his chin. He licks over his lips and slowly opens his eyes when he feels Gerard rubbing his dick in the mess on Frank's face.

Gerard leans back against the wall, breathing hard, as the doorbell rings again. He sighs and says, "I'll be right there," then pulls up his underwear and jeans. He doesn't bother doing up his pants, just stands in a way at the door so his lower half is blocked and Frank is also out of view, hands the person at the door some money from his jeans pocket, takes a bag of food from them, then shuts the door and leans back against it, looking at Frank.

Frank is the perfect picture of debauchery. His face is covered in slowly drying come, some of it dripping off his chin. His hair is a mess where Gerard had his hands in it, pulling Frank's head back and forth and tugging on the fine strands. His face is flushed and the hard-on in his school pants is obvious. Gerard savors the image for a moment, feeling a twinge go through his dick even though he just came, before he pushes himself off the door and walks down the hall and into the kitchen. When he walks back into the hallway a moment later with a clean dishtowel, Frank is still where Gerard left him. Gerard thinks good boy and hands Frank the dishtowel. He says, "Wipe off your face," and Frank does.

When Frank is done, Gerard holds out his hand for the towel, which Frank hands back, then he says, "Stand up." Frank stands with a little help from the wall, knees stiff from being on the floor for so long and hard-on raging in his pants. Gerard looks him up and down then says, "You are not to touch yourself tonight or for the rest of the weekend. You will be here at 3 pm sharp on Monday afternoon, is that clear?" Frank looks startled and confused, but nods and says, "Yes, Mr. Way." Gerard rewards him with a smile and says, "Good," as he walks over to the door and opens it. He looks at Frank expectantly and says, "Goodnight, Frank." Frank walks to the door slowly, his confusion evident on his face, but Gerard just gives him an appraising look and watches as Frank walks down the steps and to his car on the street.

Gerard watches Frank drive away from his front window, then goes to re-heat his Chinese food. As he sits down to eat, he thinks about Frank. How amazing it was to see him on his knees for Gerard. How gorgeous he looked with Gerard's come all over his face, mouth red and swollen from rubbing against Gerard's cock. Gerard sighs and twirls lo mein around his chopsticks. He's pretty much fucked, and he knows it. He warned Frank, but there Frank was, on his knees in front of him, practically offering himself up. Gerard couldn't say no to that. He knows he should have, but he couldn't. So he'll see Frank on Monday, and they'll just have to be careful.


Gerard barely looks at Frank at all during school on Monday, though it’s not easy. Frank looks like he barely slept all weekend, which is true. He was so turned on all weekend, he couldn't stop thinking about what happened. God, it was all he could do to stop himself from rubbing off against his sheets. Technically that wouldn’t be breaking Gerard’s rule, as he said Frank couldn’t touch himself and there wouldn't necessarily be hands involved in humping the hell out of his mattress, but he knows that Gerard wouldn’t see it that way, and if Frank’s going to do this, he’s going to DO THIS. So, he was good and didn’t get off all weekend. The thing is, he’s been hovering on the edge since Friday night, so he’s practically vibrating in his skin. He can’t wait to go to Mr. Way’s house after school today.

When he finally got there, on time as instructed, he hadn’t known what to expect exactly, but he didn’t think the first thing Gerard would do would be to make him sit down at the kitchen table and do his homework. “I won’t have you doing poorly in your classes. We won’t begin until you finish your assignments for the night.” Frank sort of gapes at Gerard, but pulls out his books when he sees that Gerard is serious. “I only have a little bit of math and some history, Gerard, so it shouldn’t take—“ but Gerard cuts him off by putting his hand on the back of his neck and squeezing. “You will address me as ‘Mr. Way’ unless otherwise instructed, is that clear?” Frank nods and says, “Yes, Mr. Way.” Gerard relaxes his hold on Frank’s neck, then runs a hand through his hair before he walks away toward the living room, saying over his shoulder, “Now do your homework.” Frank is turned on again, just like that, from Ger—Mr. Way gripping his neck, and he has to breathe deeply for a few minutes to calm down before he can start working on standard deviation.

About an hour later, Frank’s finished with the math assignment and is just finishing up his chapter summary for history, when Mr. Way walks back into the kitchen and over to the sink, washing blue paint off of his hands. He looks over at Frank and smiles. Frank smiles back, his face widening into such a huge grin it kind of hurts his face. As he dries his hands, Mr. Way asks, “Are you finished with your homework?”

Frank nods and says, “I was just wrapping up my chapter summary for American History 101.” Mr. Way walks over to the table and sits down next to Frank. “Good.” He waits patiently while Frank gathers up his school things and puts them back in his bag, setting it on the floor next to his chair.

Once Frank is finished with that, Mr. Way looks at him and says, “The first thing we’re going to do is establish a safe word. Do you know what that means?”

Frank smiles and says, “Yes,” happy to show Mr. Way that he’s read up on what they’re doing, and that he’s prepared for it. Mr. Way smiles back at him and says, “Tell me.”

Frank answers, “It’s for me to say so you’ll know if I really need to stop, since ‘no’ and ‘stop’ can be a part of our play. This way there’s no confusion.”

Mr. Way looks pleased. “Very good. Our safe word is going to be ‘helvetica’. Say it for me.”

Frank repeats, “Helvetica.”

Mr. Way says, “Good. I don’t want you to be afraid to say it if you need to, Frank. I won’t be mad and you won’t be punished for using it. Of course, I hope you never have to use it, but don’t feel like you can’t, okay?”

“Okay, Mr. Way.”

Then Mr. Way gets up from the table and has Frank follow him into the living room. He holds up a ping pong ball and says, “Tonight, this will be used for… training. However, after tonight it will be for punishment only.” Frank swallows hard, as he has absolutely no idea what Mr. Way plans to do with him and the ping pong ball, but he’s seen enough weird porn to have some truly horrifying ideas. Mr. Way must see something in his face, because the corner of his mouth quirks up and he sort of laughs as he says, “Don’t worry, it’s probably nothing like you’re imagining. Come and stand right up against the wall, facing it.” Frank does as he’s told and Mr. Way moves to stand right next to Frank, placing the ping pong ball against the wall right in front of Frank’s nose. “Lean forward and hold the ball against the wall with your nose.” Frank does and realizes pretty quickly that he can’t move a fraction of an inch or he’s going to lose the ball. “You are not to move for the next 10 minutes. I’m setting a timer. If you drop the ball, an extra minute will be added to your time. Is that clear Frank?”

“Yes Mr. Way.”

“Good, your time starts now.”

Frank gets bored super fast, and thinks this is practically torture after what’s probably only been 2 minutes. He hates being still and he can see why Mr. Way has chosen this to be his punishment if he needs it. Frank thinks he can get away with just shifting his weight from foot to foot, but just that slight movement causes the ball to slip on the wall and it drops to the floor, bouncing and rolling away. Frank scrambles after it on his hands and knees, picks it up and quickly moves back to the same spot on the wall, balancing the ball and determined not to move again. Mr. Way steps in close behind him and says, “You now have 9 minutes to go Frank. I do hope you don’t move again, it would be such a waste for us to lose an entire evening to making sure you can handle discipline.” Mr. Way says the last part so close to Frank’s ear that he shivers slightly, almost losing the ball but managing to keep it against the wall, though now his body is twisted slightly uncomfortably. Mr. Way chuckles slightly under his breath and backs away a bit, saying, “Eight minutes now.”

Frank is starting to sweat, standing awkwardly against the wall, trying not to let the ball slip. He thought it would be impossible, but somehow he manages it and after what seems like an eternity, Mr. Way is standing right up against his back, reaching around and taking the ball out from between Frank’s nose and the wall. Again, he speaks low right into Frank’s ear, “You did very well, Frank. So well, I’m so proud of you.” Frank takes a deep breath, relaxing his body slightly, leaning back into Mr. Way’s body a little and basking in the praise. Mr. Way doesn’t allow it for long, but oh it’s enough, and Frank can feel Mr. Way’s hard cock where it’s pressed against Frank’s lower back.

Gerard turns Frank around so they're facing each other, then he pushes down on Frank's shoulders so Frank knows to drop to his knees. Gerard undoes his pants then pulls Frank's face to his crotch, having Frank blow him like he did on Friday. Gerard comes on Frank's face again, and again Frank opens his mouth to try and catch some. This time, Gerard cleans Frank's face himself. Then he runs his hands through Frank's hair before helping him to stand up. He sends Frank home again just after, with instructions that he can get himself off tonight, just once and in the shower, but Frank is not to touch himself again after that and that he is to come over after school on Wednesday.

By the time Frank gets home, he's missed dinner and his Dad is already at work and his mom is downstairs watching TV. He runs upstairs and hauls himself into the bathroom, stripping out of his clothes so quickly he gets tangled up with his shoes and pants and almost brains himself on the counter. He steadies himself and makes himself slow down and take his time. Mr. Way probably wouldn't want him to rush through this. He gets in the shower and just luxuriates in the feel of the warm water, running his hands over his chest and stomach, and then one down to stroke over his hard cock, the other to gently rub his balls. He sets up a slow rhythm with his hand to start, but he can't hold it for very long. Soon enough his hand is flying over his cock and he's bracing himself against the shower wall, shooting into his hand and gasping out "Mr. Waaay" as he comes.

His knees feel week and he feels dizzy. It's the best orgasm he's had in weeks. He finishes his shower, dries off, puts on a clean pair of boxers to sleep in, then crawls in bed. It's kind of early for him, but the afternoon with Mr. Way and the orgasm in the shower have left him feeling warm and fuzzy, cozy he thinks. He drifts off to sleep thinking about how he spends so much of his life fretting and worrying about his parents and dealing with their shit and fending off people at school that it feels awesome to just let Mr. Way dom him like that, and about Wednesday and how it can't come too soon.


Gerard doesn't actually touch Frank in a sexual way for the next few weeks. He gives Frank simple orders, like he can't talk or he blindfolds Frank sometimes or gags him, but Frank is used to being kind of a punk so he doesn't obey easily sometimes. Frank definitely spends quality time against Mr. Way's wall with the ping pong ball against his nose more than he would really like to. It's just, he's so horny all the time now, and being down for Mr. Way is doing nothing to help and he's not getting any relief (okay, maybe he's getting a little relief, but Gerard's made him go five straight days without coming now and Frank's totally on edge). He's so sexually frustrated and crazy about this Gerard thing that he starts acting out to his family and in other classes, and he even gets detention on a day when he was supposed to go home with Gerard (and NOT HAVE GERARD TOUCH HIM, he supposes) and Gerard's really pissed that he got in trouble for a stupid reason, and he has to deal with that and remind Frank that it was a stupid thing to do, Gerard doesn't like waiting, and the only one who gets to punish Frank these days is ~~~~~~him.

The next day, Frank is barely inside Gerard's door before Gerard is yanking his pants and underwear down. Frank's thinking YES FINALLY, but Gerard just sits in a nearby chair and arranges Frank on his lap, bare ass up in the air, and Gerard smacks Frank's ass so hard Frank cries out. Gerard admonishes him for yelling so loudly, and Frank tries to keep quiet, he does, but Gerard is really laying into him and it stings and he can't help but make little whimpers. He tunes back into what Gerard is saying, and it's low and almost under his breath, but he saying "Mine, you're mine and only I get to punish you." Frank whimpers again, but this time because he's getting turned on. He sort of checks in with his dick and yup, he's definitely got a boner that's currently trying to drill a hole in Gerard's thigh. Frank wriggles his hips a bit, but Gerard puts a stop to that before it's really even started. Frank's disappointed, but Gerard stops and gently settles Frank on his stomach on the sofa while he gets a cool compress and he presses it to Frank's sore ass. "You're so red," he says. Frank just sighs, enjoying the feeling of coolness on his stinging backside. Gerard lets Frank stay on the couch for the rest of the evening, and when he sends him home, he kisses his temple and whispers that Frank can get himself off that night when he goes home. Frank would skip to his car, but it hurts too much.


The thing is, Gerard feels kind of guilty about everything, but he can't help it anymore. Frank is obviously down for him and Gerard wants it. Gerard wants to do DIRTY THINGS to Frank and Frank wants Gerard to do DIRTY THINGS to Frank and the fact that Gerard's so obviously torn up about doing anything with him actually turns Frank on even more. That weekend, Frank spends the weekend with Gerard and Gerard makes him stay naked the entire time and doesn't let them touch each other (and Frank can't touch himself). Not even the ENTIRE weekend. At the end of it when Frank has to go home on Sunday night Gerard STILL hasn't touched him. But he tells Frank that he can touch himself when he gets home, but only once, and then not again until the next weekend. It's torture but the orgasm Frank has that night in the shower is pretty much the greatest thing he's ever had in his entire LIFE, he actually has to kneel in the shower because he feels so weak afterwards.

So he doesn't get in trouble again, Frank throws himself into PE at school because he needs somewhere to release his energy so his skin doesn't vibrate off thinking about Gerard all of the time. He's secretly pleased at the bit of muscle definition that's happening, and he hopes Gerard is to, although he never mentions it (although Gerard definitely notices).


It's the middle of October now, and it's parent-teacher conference time, which means Frank's parents are going to have to meet Mr. Way. Frank thinks he's going to throw up, he's so nervous. He can't decide if it's better or worse that he can't be there to witness it. But his parents come home pleased with how well Frank's grades have been this semester so far, and talking about how much they like that new art teacher, Mr. Way. Frank does his best impassive innocent face, but his mom says, "Don't be shy, Frank, Mr. Way told us all about you." No seriously, Frank is going to throw up. But his Dad just chimes in with, "Yeah, he says you have some real artistic talent. Just need to keep at it." Frank smiles and excuses himself. He's so glad Gerard is there to handle the big stuff, because he is clearly a cooler head under pressure than Frank is. Frank's good mood evaporates later though, when he can hear his parents fighting AGAIN from down the hall. He puts his pillow over his head and hopes it'll be over soon, and this time without slammed doors and tires squealing out of the driveway. He knows his parents love him and try their best for him, but they just do not have it together. Frank wishes he was at Gerard's house.


It's getting closer to Frank's 18th birthday, and he's been planning on getting a tattoo forever, but now he just asks Gerard's permission for it without even thinking about it. He's like, "would it be alright if I got a tattoo?" and Gerard doesn't even skip a beat, he's just like, "only if I draw it, and pick the location" and Frank's like "wheeeeeeee okay!" So Gerard designs the pumpkin and picks the spot, but he doesn't go with Frank to get it done because neeeedles noooooooooo! When Frank is out getting it done Gerard ~reflects on the whole situation and realizes this is starting to go places he hadn't planned and he's maybe feeling things for Frank more deeply than he thought he would or could... but he's just so ~~~~perfect! Gerard never imagined that the beautiful, sharp, funny and smart sorta punk kid could be such a wonderful sub, but oh is he ever!

And so it's Frank's 18th birthday, and Gerard finally jacks him off for the first time. Happy Birthday/Legality, Frankie! Frank's going out with his friends for a big party (he'd rather spend the whole evening with Gerard, but Gerard tells him to go, that it would be too suspicious if he didn't spend time on his birthday with his friends) but Gerard tells Frank to stop by on his way home and that's when he gets him off. Frank comes so quickly, but he's hard again almost right away (hooray for teenage quick draw and recovery) so Gerard gets him off again, this time a little slower. Frank is sitting on his lap, naked from the waist down and Gerard is still fully dressed, but Frank can feel Gerard's hard cock where it's pressed right up against him, and he grinds back down on Gerard and Gerard gasps and presses his forehead into Frank's shoulder, speeds up his hand on Frank's cock, and Frank comes with a small cry.

He remembers to keep grinding down on Gerard though, and Gerard wraps his arms around Frank's waist, pulling Frank down against him as he tightens his hold and shudders, coming with a soft moan. It's the first time they've ever gotten off together. Then Gerard gently pushes Frank to his back on the couch and leans over him, and kisses Frank gently at first, but licking into Frank's mouth more insistently and then basically kissing the hell out of him. He doesn't stop until Frank's panting again and both of their lips are a little swollen. It's not until a little later, when Frank is on his way home (hard again, because Gerard wouldn't let him get off again and he's not allowed to himself when he gets home) that he realizes that was their first REAL kiss.


The week after his birthday, Frank is over at Gerard’s house and he’s getting over the cold that he picked up ON his birthday (could his immune system be more annoyingly shitty?) and he’s clearly not feeling well, he’s all stuffy and coughing, but it’s a Gerard day so he went over anyway. But instead of doing anything, they just hang out and watch a movie. Gerard makes him tea and some vegetable soup and they sit on the couch together with Frank’s head in Gerard’s lap, Gerard’s hand stroking Frank’s hair. Frank really wanted to keep exploring the whole mutual orgasms thing they had going the other night, and he totally will, right after this nap, zzzzzzzz. Gerard ends up waking him up after a few hours and sends him home to sleep in his own bed where his parents can look out for him (even though Gerard is starting to really hate it when he has to send Frank home).

This one time when Frank is over at Gerard’s, he gets a phone call from his mother right when they’re starting to get into things. Gerard has Frank stripped naked and he’s just started to slowly jerk Frank off. Gerard pauses and motions for Frank to answer the phone, so he does. Frank’s mom is calling to ask where he is since he was supposed to be home right now as they have dinner at Frank’s Aunt Gina’s house tonight. Frank’s mom is loud enough that he knows Gerard can hear what she’s saying, so he looks at Gerard for instructions. Gerard just shakes his head and starts to stroke Frank’s cock again.

Frank swallows hard and after a stern “Frank, I’m waiting,” from his mom, he answers, “Um, well I’m over at Ray’s, and he’s having a huge problem with his… chemistry homework, and um… I… I already did mine, so he really needs my help with it and it’s due tomorrow and in… uh… um, in exchange he’s going to help me with my stats homework. You… uh… you want me to… keep getting good grades, right?” Frank holds in a moan as Gerard starts to jerk him harder and faster. His mom doesn’t sound completely convinced, but he also knows she wants him to do well in school. She sighs and says, “Fine Frank, but you’re home before 10.” Frank just catches a gasp in his throat and quickly says, “Yeah, sure home by 10, see you,” before hanging up and coming all over Gerard's hand. Gerard just smirks at him as he strokes Frank through it. Frank leans his head back against the wall with a loud ‘thunk’.

Gerard discovered that one time that Frank really likes being spanked, so they don’t use it as a punishment anymore. He likes to bend Frank over while he stands behind him. Mostly he uses his hand, but he sometimes gets out a small paddle. He likes to use his drafting table, and one time when Gerard’s coming down from jerking off all over Frank’s bare, bright red ass, he’s like, “hmmm, this would have been much better over my desk at school.” And Frank almost loses it, squirming and whimpering as much as he dares without permission, and Gerard is like, “You can make yourself come now” and Frank barely even touches his dick before he’s coming.

Since not long after Frank’s birthday, they’ve been getting closer to actually fucking too, but they still haven’t done it yet. Sometimes Gerard will bind Frank’s hands to his headboard with Frank’s school tie, put a cock ring on Frank, then spread Frank’s legs wide. Gerard will finger him slowly, first with one finger then two and three, working Frank up to more. When he feels like Frank is ready for it and begging enough, he inserts a plug into Frank, then he’ll make Frank wear it around the house for the rest of the evening. Gerard waits until it’s almost time for Frank to leave before he takes the cock ring off and fucks Frank with the toy, Frank completely coming apart in his arms.


Frank's friends Bob and Ray start noticing that Frank’s not acting out in school anymore, and how he's disappearing a lot and being kind of weird, but strangely more focused in school than anything else. Frank used to hang out with them at one of their houses after school a lot, but he never comes around anymore. They all know about Frank's parents' problems (it's been going on for a while, Frank's told them), so he just uses that as an excuse and says he has to be home more now.

But they go by Frank's house one afternoon and he's not there! (He's actually at Gerard's house, quite literally tied up.) So when Frank gets home that night, his parents are all "Frank where were you after school today?"

And Frank is wary but gives the same story he has been, which is "At Bob's house."

And his parents are all, "I think you know we know you weren't at Bob's house, because Bob and Ray came here looking for you. Now tell us where you've been."

And Frank makes up some bullshit about staying late at school working on homework because his friends distract him and he doesn't want to come home, and then just hanging out in the park until it's late because he's worried about their fighting, Frank can guilt them like a motherfucker (and the homework part isn't totally a lie... Gerard does make him do all of his homework first before they do anything). So they relent and say they're sorry and he doesn't have to stay out of the house because of them But Frank's like, "It's cool. I think I just need space. Senior year is stressful and I’m worried about getting into a good college." His parents make sad/guilty faces at him and hug him and tell him that whatever he needs to do it’s okay as long as he’s not in any trouble. Frank says no he’s not, he’s just stressed out. And he's dodged the bullet this time.


The first time Gerard actually fucks Frank is about a week before Thanksgiving. Frank comes over and thinks it's just going to be another night of teasing and subbing and possibly having to jack himself off later, or maybe it’ll be one of the nights that Gerard will get him off. But Gerard is just in a mood, and he thinks fuck it, I want this, and Frank has been doing so well lately especially when Gerard does anything to his ass. Frank looks up at Gerard and Gerard looks like he wants to eat Frank alive and he basically pulls Frank up and fucks him over the kitchen table, and he tells Frank to be really fucking loud. Gerard’s not really careful, but he doesn’t have to be; he’s been using toys on Frank every night for a while now and he prepares him well for this. Then he pushes Frank down over the kitchen table and fucks into him slowly and steadily at first, but quickly starts pounding into him hard and fast. Frank is squirming and mewling and screaming, it feels so fucking good he can’t get enough of Gerard’s dick in him, and he’s rubbing his own dick against the table top and it’s so fucking perfect he can’t stand it, and no one even touches his dick before he’s coming and then Gerard is coming too and collapsing on Frank’s back, breathing hard.

And the next day at school Frank can barely sit, right, because he's so sore, and he makes sure not to make too much eye contact with Gerard in class but he knows Gerard's watching him squirm, and he knows Gerard likes it. Gerard’s just got this little pleased smile all day. Frank can’t look at him without blushing or grinning or both, so he doesn’t. After school that day at Gerard’s house, Gerard doesn’t do anything with him, it’s almost like that time Frank was sick. Gerard just cuddles him on the couch and feeds him snacks and water and like, takes care of him like he’s special and he tells Frank he’s so proud of him and he did so well, so well sweetheart.

Part Two